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beer soap

Why would anyone use beer in soap? 

Beer is full of vitamins, especially Vitamin B, which can help moisturize and repair dry or inflamed skin.  In addition, the hops in beer is full of skin-softening amino acids which can soothe irritated skin.  Finally, the brewer's yeast in beer acts as an antibacterial agent, which is great for combating acne.

What About Whiskey

Whiskey has natural astringent and antiseptic properties that can help cleanse the skin and aid in detoxification.  This makes whiskey soap a great option for those with oily skin, blackheads, or acne.

Whiskey soap
wine soap

And Wine Soap? Why?!

Grapes are loaded with antioxidants and other rich nutrients that can help with uneven skin tone, dark spots, inflammation and sun damage.  It's also packed with Vitamins C and E.  Not to mention, the sugars in wine help to create amazing amounts of bubbles. 

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