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Local Chattanooga Soap

Who Are We?

High Road Soap Company is a small business that started as a simple display in a local shop, to a top-selling stand in the Chattanooga market, and now stands as one of the best recognized all-natural soap makers in the American Southeast. 

Despite its success, High Road Soap stays committed to using all-natural and cruelty-free practices in making their renowned products.

Our Story

Eric and Amiee have been friends since 1989 where they (naturally) met at the mall Arcade.    Fast forward to 2010, Amiee and her son were learning how to make bath bombs. Not only did they find that this was a lot of fun, but also easy birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family.   Once she learned how to make soap, however, that became her passion.  A few years later in 2016, after almost 20 years in St Louis, Eric moved back to Chattanooga and Amiee offered him a new job making bath bombs so she could focus on soap full time and their first venture, The Soap Witch, was born.     The Soap Witch was a small display in Amiee's former business. It was regularly sold-out so they decided to try to sell their soaps at the Chattanooga Market... and they were a huge hit. They secured their leading position on the soap stage by being named the Top Selling New Vendor for 2017.    Now High Road Soap is not only an established presence at the Chattanooga Market, but their soaps can be found at other markets, special events, and retail stores around the nation. 

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